[rrd-users] several problems

Julian LAUTRE julian.lautre at danone.com
Mon Jun 28 14:47:34 MEST 2004

Hello everybody,
I have 2 problems:
The first one, is that I want to graph cpu usage of 2 serveurs on 1 graph.
I managed it, but there is a problem. If I graph the cpu usage of only 1 of
these server, the result is different of the one I have when I graph both
servers( something like 70% when only 1 server and 40% for the same server
when I graph both servers)

The second one, is that I want to graph the bandwidth on a server. I made
the sum of IfInOctets and IfOutOctets and it is always increasing. It seems
it make the sum with the value I get before. can you please help me?

here are the parts of my config files:

for the cpu usage
For 2 servers on 1 graph:
Target[JC]: .
&. at xx.xx.xx.xx
Title[JC]: CPU Activity (JC)
MaxBytes[JC]: 100
PageTop[JC]: null
LegendI[JC]: JC
Options[JC]: gauge, growright, noo
Ylegend[JC]: percent
ShortLegend[JC]: %
Legend3[JC]: Peak utilisation
SetEnv[JC]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="CPU (system)"
routers.cgi*Options[JC]: nopercent, fixunit
routers.cgi*InMenu[JC]: no
routers.cgi*InCompact[JC]: yes
routers.cgi*InSummary[JC]: yes
routers.cgi*Graph[JC]: CPU

Target[julian]: .
&. at xx.xx.xx.xx
Title[julian]: CPU Activity (julian)
MaxBytes[julian]: 100
PageTop[julian]: null
LegendI[julian]: Julian
Options[julian]: gauge, growright, noo
Ylegend[julian]: percent
ShortLegend[julian]: %
Legend3[julian]: Peak utilisation
SetEnv[julian]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="CPU (user)"
routers.cgi*Options[julian]: nopercent, fixunit
routers.cgi*InMenu[julian]: no
routers.cgi*InCompact[julian]: yes
routers.cgi*InSummary[julian]: yes
routers.cgi*Graph[julian]: CPU

And for the cpu usage of 1 server:

Target[cpu]: .
&. at xx.xx.xx.xx
RouterUptime[cpu]: public at xx.xx.xx.xx
MaxBytes[cpu]: 100
Title[cpu]: Charge CPU
PageTop[cpu]: <H1>Charge CPU %</H1>
ShortLegend[cpu]: %
XSize[cpu]: 380
YSize[cpu]: 100
YLegend[cpu]: Utilisation du CPU
Legend1[cpu]: Utilisation du CPU en %
LegendO[cpu]: &nbsp;Usage
Options[cpu]: gauge, growright, transparent

for the bandwidth

Target[BP]: .
&. at xx.xx.xx.xx + .
&. at xx.xx.xx.xx
RouterUptime[BP]: public at xx.xx.xx.xx
MaxBytes[BP]: 100000000
Title[BP]: Bande Passante
PageTop[BP]: <H1> Utilisation de la BP</H1>
ShortLegend[BP]: B.s
XSize[BP]: 380
YSize[BP]: 100
YLegend[BP]: Bit.s
Legend1[BP]: Entrant
LegendI[BP]: entrant
Options[BP]: gauge, growright, transparent, absolute

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