[rrd-users] RRDTool graphs: various questions

John Murdoch John.L.Murdoch at ed.ac.uk
Wed May 26 10:53:47 MEST 2004

Hi all,

I have had rrdtool up and running on a couple of servers for a few days now and everything is working well - very flexible. However, I have a few graphing questions:

1) Does anyone have an RPN function that can change MIN/MAX averages, so that on close inspection, the graph plots only one point rather than draw a "bar chart" for the time period in question. To clarify, if I was to create and RRA where there is one MAX value per day, currently it would be a continous line for the day, then instantly drop off/shoot up to the next point for the next day. I'd like to have one point at 12 noon every day, so that the lines slope between points.

2) Is it possible to plot two RRAs using the same consolidation function, but with differing steps/rows, on the same graph? I'd like to plot two RRA AVERAGEs of varying granularity on the same graph, but I can't seem to do this. 

3) Is it possible to time-shift in a graph, rather than setting the unwanted time period to 0/unknown and leaving open gaps on the graphs? For example I'd like to plot the Monday to Friday, so that as soon as Friday is passed, the graph jumps straight to Monday, leaving out Sat/Sun.

I know #3 is a very unlikely (from what I've read), but I currently have a coarse solution prepared for #1 & #2, so I'd like if there are any "definitive" solutions some list members are using at the moment. FYI: My "coarse" solution to #1 & #2 would be to use rrdfetch to get the data for the time period, calculate the MIN/MAX/AVERAGE and insert the values into a seperate RRD file at the mid-point of the time period. Not very sophisticated, but I think it'll work.



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