[rrd-users] Advanced CDEF Question

Dayton Turner dayton at digidefense.com
Wed May 26 22:03:47 MEST 2004

Greetings list,

I'm using some CDEFs to combine the throughput on Traffic graphs (ie i  
have 4 servers in a load balanced cluster, and i want the combined  
totals for IN and OUT for all of them together in one graph)

  Anyways, Ive got this working, using the CDEF

  a,b,+,c,+,d,+,1024,*,8,* (to change to bits and mult by 1024)

  Where data source a,b,c,d are the INs from Servers 1-4, and e,f,g,h  
are the OUT's from Servers 1-4

  This all works perfectly.

  Now I have another area on my graph that shows me the difference  
between the in and out (traffic savings on behalf of caching on a squid  
proxy) the CDEF is:


  This is represented on single graphs where there is only 1 interface.  
1 in, 1 out. This works fine.

  I want to be able to see this CDEf on my combined graphs too, so i  
created a new CDEF:


  Substituting the combination CDEFs for b and a respectively.

  When i look at the graph in graph debug mode, It just shows a broken  
graph, and "RRDtool Says: "

  Normally it would say OK, or if there was an error, spit out what the  
error was. This is obviously making it hard to debug.

  Can anyone make any suggestions?


Dayton Turner

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