[rrd-users] Re: Advanced CDEF Question

Dayton Turner dayton at digidefense.com
Sat May 29 17:41:34 MEST 2004

On May 29, 2004, at 3:56 AM, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 11:01:41AM -0600, Dayton Turner wrote:
>>> Are you putting those parentheses in for real?  You shouldn't.
>> Yes I was putting those parentheses in for real. Can you tell me why
>> that is not supposed to work? I ask because, as you point out later, i
> More important: can *you* tell me why it *is* supposed to work.

No, I cant. Thats why i asked why it was not supposed to work, so from  
there I could figure out the  correct way, and hopefully correct it in  
Cacti for their users too. I suppose I'll just ask them why they used  
parentheses and hopefully figure out from there where they went wrong.  
I am no RRDtool expert at all. Merely learning from example and docs I  
can find.

>>          and currently as far as i know, Cacti will only allow me to
>> use one CDEF per graph item, which is why, I presume, it tried to
>> create a big long CDEF out of parentheses instead of split it across 3
>> separate CDEFs.
> Having one big CDEF is not wrong.  It is hard to debug, that's all.

I understand.  I seem to get the option of cdef=<insert whatever i want  
here> in cacti. How would i separate that example you gave me to work  
on one line? Is there some sort of separator i can use like a  
semicolon? ie you gave me:


I believe cacti sets me up to have:

	CDEF:cdef=<my cdef>

Is it possible to do something like


And have the final= result returned? I realize Cacti complicates this  
somewhat by only allowing one CDEF definition per graph item, but Im  
not familiar with CDEF syntax.  Ive read the CDEF documents on the  
RRDtool site (The one you wrote, i believe) and unfortunately didnt  
have any extended syntax for me to go on.

Any help learning this would be extremely appreciated

Thanks again

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