[rrd-users] rrdcgi include broken?

Steve Francis sfrancis at fastclick.com
Thu Oct 7 08:13:05 MEST 2004

Using remstats 1.0.48 and .49, the RRD::INCLUDE functionality seems broken.

e.g. the following rrdcgi line works fine without the rrd::include 
Yet the file referred to by the include is either empty, or includes 
valid rrdcgi text, like " --color BACK#a07777"
In either case, rrdchgi returns "ERROR: can't parse ' --color 
BACK#a07777' (or can't parse '' in the case of the empty file)
If I put the contents of the included file directly in the line below, 
instead of the include, it works fine.

This used to work, and rrd::include still works in other contexts (where 
it is not inside an RRD:GRAPH statement), but here it is now broken, 
when it was not several versions of rrdtool ago.

Or am i doing something wrong that I'm missing?

--lazy --start -7200 --imgformat PNG --imginfo '<IMG 
SRC="broker.desktopstreaming.com/%s" WIDTH="%lu" HEIGHT="%lu" 
ALT="broker.desktopstreaming.com">' <RRD::INCLUDE 
--width 30 --height 30 '--title' 'broker' '--lower-limit' '0' 
'--upper-limit' '10' '--rigid' '--height' '30'
 '--width' '30' 
'AREA:sent#00a000' 'LINE2:rcvd#a00000'>

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