[rrd-users] R: R: Dinamic Upper and Lower limit

Simone Felici s.felici at alpikom.it
Tue Oct 12 12:03:08 MEST 2004

I explane with a simply example:
The script automatic create 4 graphs with 4 different time-ranges (6h 12h
1week 1m).

What I need is:

IF the traffic is low I need to create the graph without "-u" (-l) options
and so the graph is set to display the values as well.
IF the traffic is high with a regular PEAK (attended) I need to create the
graph WITH "-u" option to set a maximum (and minimum) level to prevent into
a 1 week graph that a peak of 40Mbit of an half hour transform my graph
unreadable. Only a peak would be seen.

I also ask if there is an option into rrdtool graph that allow me all above
without always change the "rrdtool graph" commad with different options.

Attached a 12hour right graph and a 24h wrong graph created with the same
"rrdtool graph" command.

Ok, my english is terrible... Hope you have understood :)


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Oggetto: RE: [rrd-users] R: Dinamic Upper and Lower limit

> BUT if the max vaules are higher then 1 Mbit/s the values (upper and 
> lower limit) should NOT go over this limit. I don't want to delete the 
> high values!

I don't quite understand what you are saying here.
If max traffic is over 1 Mbps, you want the upper limit to 
be at 1 Mbps?

You would need to know the max value before you start to graph. You can do
that by doing a fetch on the rrd or by PRINTing the max value first and
capturing the PRINTeed value.


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