[rrd-users] Re: where to find help

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Thu Oct 21 23:29:45 MEST 2004

> So the question is Where do I ask that I can actually get a 
> response and is rrd-users at list.ee.ethz.ch  the right place to 
> post in first place?

Depends on the question I guess.

The subscribers to this list usually are quite helpful and responsive.

If you don't get an answer, it's usually because one of the following

- you're rude (not likely)
- no one knows the answer
- the question is off topic by far
- you don't supply any useful information to help us help you (that
usually triggers a warning)
- you haven't even read the basic documentation (that triggers a flame
:) )
- you make the question amazingly difficult, so eeverybody gets scared
- you use an extra-terrestrial character set.
- your question did not make it to the list
- your message went straight into every experts spam bin, because your
database is called \/|4gr4.rrd

I don't recall seeing a question coming from your email-address.


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