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Okay so now I know more hints.   I have read a bunch but still don't
understand even the basics.  So I am wondering how stupid I am compared to
you guys on this list.  I am going to read more (and experiment) before
asking again to see if I can figure it out myself.  In mean time I want to
thank you guys for just letting me know I am on the right list for rrdtool.


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> Okay maybe I am doing this wrong.
> I have asked a couple times here questions.
> I have asked on experts exchange the same questions.
> neither place gets any response or answers to questions.
> I have read and studied and am continuing to study rrdtool as it seems
to be
> just what  I need.  But in meantime while learning I need to find out
> answers. So the question is Where do I ask that I can actually get a
> and is rrd-users at list.ee.ethz.ch  the right place to post in first

This would be the primary place to ask questions related to the usage of
RRDTool. Questions can go unanswered for a number of reasons --

1) Not enough information was provided to answer your question. You can
avoid this by providing as much pertinent information as possible
including software versions, a detailed description of the problem,
steps to reproduce, what troubleshooting you've done so far and any
relevant log entries. The less work others have to do the more likely it
is you'll get a response, though not necessarily an answer.

2) Your question was overly vague or people couldn't figure out what it
was you really wanted. Be specific in your questions. See above.

3) Nobody has done what you're trying to do or no one is interested in
doing what you're trying to do. In a case like that you're most likely
on your own. You might get some hints or suggestions but they'll
probably be a trickle.

4) Everyone's busy. Again, the less work that needs to be done to help
you often yields better results.

5) The answer to your question can be found in the documentation or
other resources (i.e. Google or the list archives). Make sure you've
utilized all other resources before asking for help.

7) Nobody knows the answer.

8) You've posted HTML mail to a non-HTML listserv. That's not the case
here but since I'm listing them...

That's the short-list. I'm sure there are others.


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