[rrd-users] All NaN - what am I doing wrong

Kamran Siddiqui/NYLIC Kamran_Siddiqui at newyorklife.com
Thu Oct 28 17:13:45 MEST 2004

I am trying to collect memory stats for the MRTG server that is running
Net-SNMP. The following is my configuration. All I get returned is NaN on
the .rrd file. I can get the correct value doing snmpget for the OIDs. The
value returned is of type Integer so I added gauge to the Options line.

I tried experimenting with rateup to see if it is an issue with RRDTool but
all I got in the .log file is the first value and the rest are zeros.

Can someone let me know what am I doing wrong?

Collection of stats works fine for CPU (totcpu).


### Global Config Options
WorkDir: /opt/mrtg-2/home/httpd
LogFormat: rrdtool
PathAdd: /opt/rrdtool/bin/
LibAdd:  /opt/rrdtool/lib/perl

### Global Defaults
# Options[_]: growright, bits
AddHead[_]: <style type="text/css"> <!--
        a { color: #263F66; text-decoration: none; }
        a:hover { color: #785B41; text-decoration: none; }
        body { color: black; font: 8pt Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica,
sans-serif; }
        h1 { font: bold 16pt Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica,
sans-serif; color: #342A21;
        h2 { color: #666666; font: bold 12pt Verdana, Geneva, Arial,
Helvetica, sans-serif; }
        h3 { color: black; font: bold 9pt Verdana, Geneva, Arial,
Helvetica, sans-serif; }
        table { border: 0; }
        td { background-color: #E7DDD3; border: 0px solid #FFFFFF; color:
Black; font: 8pt Verdana,
Geneva, Arial,  Helvetica, sans-serif; vertical-align: top; }
        th { background-color: #735A4A; color: White; font: 11px  Verdana,
arial, geneva, helvetica,
 sans-serif;    border: 0;  font-weight: bold;  text-align: left;    }
Background[_]: #F6F1EE
XSize[_]: 370
YSize[_]: 60
WithPeak[_]: ymw

YLegend[test_mem]: Memory Usage
Options[test_mem]: growright,noarrow,gauge
Target[test_mem]: at localhost
MaxBytes[test_mem]: 100
Title[test_mem]: Memory Utilization
Legend1[test_mem]: Mem Avail
Legend2[test_mem]: Mem Total
Legend3[test_mem]: Mem Avail
Legend4[test_mem]: Mem Total
LegendI[test_mem]: Avail :
LegendO[test_mem]: Total :
PageTop[test_mem]: <H1>Memory Utilization </H1>

YLegend[test_totcpu]: Usage
Options[test_totcpu]: growright,nobanner,noarrow
Target[test_totcpu]: at localhost + at localhost
MaxBytes[test_totcpu]: 100
Title[test_totcpu]: Total CPU Utilization
Legend1[test_totcpu]: CPU
Legend2[test_totcpu]: CPU
Legend3[test_totcpu]: Max CPU
Legend4[test_totcpu]: Max CPU
LegendI[test_totcpu]: CPU :
LegendO[test_totcpu]: CPU :
PageTop[test_totcpu]: <H1>Total CPU </H1>

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