[rrd-users] Graphing ccache statistics

David Cannings lists at edeca.net
Wed Sep 15 16:11:16 MEST 2004

I'd like to graph ccache statistics but I'm unsure if rrdtool would be the 
right way to do this.  A sample (snipped) output from it is below:

desktop david # ccache -s
cache hit                            951
cache miss                           377
files in cache                       754
cache size                           5.1 Mbytes

As these figures aren't going to change much in 5 minutes, I feel it would 
make sense to log the numbers every 30 minutes for a week, then every day for 
a year.  I have other graphs that seem to work well with these time periods.

However, the numbers from ccache aren't a rate or average, they're a total of 
how many times the cache has been hit since the counters were last reset.  
When reading them, for example every 30 minutes, I would reset the hit and 

I already have other graphs for partition space usage so I am fairly sure 
"cache size" would be graphed fine, I am just unsure about the hit and miss 
and total files.

Does it make sense to graph these figures using rrdtool?  Should I be using 
GAUGE or is it an ABSOLUTE?  I think it would be ABSOLUTE for hit and miss 
(as they are reset upon reading) and GAUGE for the total files and cache 
size.  Which consolidation function should I use for the RRA?



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