[rrd-users] Editing the xml output from a dump

Eric Brander eric_mailing_list at rednarb.com
Fri Apr 8 17:01:54 MEST 2005

I've discovered that a flaw in my polling procedure injected inaccurate 
data in to my RRDs. Now I would like to edit the xml dump and fix it, 
essentially making the borked readings a 1.  I can do this, one at a 
time, with a text editor and a WHOLE lot of cut/paste work... but was 
wondering if there was an easier way to do it either with RRDTool or if 
you folks had a snazzy way to do easy editing of xml like this.

To start, I'd just like to replace all the fields that are not NAN with 
<row><v> 1.0000000000e+000 </v><v> 1.0000000000e+000 </v></row>.  Then I 
can go back and manually input the correct numbers at the right dates. 
For now, getting rid of the wrong data that shows other than a 1.0 would 
be ideal.  BTW, I'm on Win2k so I don't seem to have access to any fancy 
search and replace tools that can use wild cards or placeholders. :-(  
Perhaps there's something in perl but I'm weak in perl.

Thanks for your time!

Eric Brander

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