[rrd-users] Windows 2003 and rrdcgi

Ian Farr Ian.Farr at FutureElectronics.com
Fri Apr 8 17:31:15 MEST 2005

Hello all,
I have spent some time on this, and was wondering if anyone else has had
the same issues.
I had rrdcgi 1.0.49 installed and running on windowsXP, and windows
2000. When I moved it over to win2003, I just get the following error:
"The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete
set of HTTP headers."
After researching this, I realized that it is the CGI not returning the
proper headers, or at least not the ones IIS6 expects, as the CGI works
just fine in IIS5 and IIS5.1 (XP).
I tried to compile the CGI from 1.2.rc4, but I can't get passed the
configure - ctime_r undefined errors which I am currently working on (I
have an implementation of pthreads for win32 that defines ctime_r, but
haven't been able to get it to work yet).
I am trying to compile on winXP using either VS.NET 2003 or MINGW,
nothing works...I am able to successfully compile 1.0.49 from source
using MINGW/MSYS/GCC3.4.2 though...but on 1.2rc4.
I would consider running this on *nix/*BSD, but unfortunately I am in a
complete MS shop - we are MS to the bone over here and that is not an
so - my questions are: 
has anyone successfully compiled rrdcgi 1.2rc4 on windows?
are there any changes to rrdcgi in 1.2rc4 that may make it work in
has anyone got it to work on IIS6?
I tried searching the lists, and while I found lots of issues with all
sorts of CGI's that have stopped working on IIS6, there wasn't much in
the way of possible fixes....I will keep digging myself, and see if I
can get it to work, but I would like to see if I can get rc4 to compile
and try it out...
Thanks for any thoughts..
Ian Farr
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