[rrd-users] Re: Problems building rpm (1.2.11 - 1.test) on SMP system (solved)?

Michael Heiming michael at heiming.de
Mon Dec 19 21:15:42 MET 2005

Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Michael Heiming wrote:
>> Problems compiling (1.2.11 - 1.test) on smp system (Linux RHEL 3.0 all 


>> Commenting "%{__make} %{?_smp_mflags}" in rrdtool.spec does allow to 
>> generate the rpms. OK the macro seems just relevant to building, so it 
>> shouldn't be a real problem. Thought I'd send to the list anyway, 
>> perhaps someone stumbles over the same problem.
>> Best regards and keep the great work!
> I bet the problem is that in your case the macro _smp_mflags is set to
> 	-j X
> with X > 1, and this triggers a problem with parallel building using make.
> So there is a real problem with rrdtool in the sense that it doesn't build 
> with -j X (with X > 1).

Very likely, my first thought after things compiled without it, was some 
solaris admin would probably have said, "Makefiles written by people not 
used to compile on boxes with >20 CPUs."

Strange, thought I had looked there "/usr/lib/rpm/i686-linux/macros", 
it's all there:

%_smp_mflags %([ -z "$RPM_BUILD_NCPUS" ] \\\
         && RPM_BUILD_NCPUS="`/usr/bin/getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN`"; \\\
         [ "$RPM_BUILD_NCPUS" -gt 1 ] && echo "-j$RPM_BUILD_NCPUS")

You are 100% right with your assumption!

> But you can avoid this problem by setting _smp_mflags to "-j 1". You can 
> do:
> 	rpmbuild -ba --define "_smp_mflags -j 1" rrdtool.spec
> And I hope the developers can fix the issue.

Yep, even if it's not a big issue to me, saw from the list that it's 
already outdated, will grab the latest stable version asap and rebuild.


Michael Heiming
Big thx for your yum repositories!

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