[rrd-users] Stacking...

Michael Collard quadfour at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 25 04:28:11 MET 2005

Can't seem to get the stacking working... This is the graphing command:

rrdtool graph test.png -i --end now --start -30m --width 600 \
--height 200 -l 0 --title 'DSL stats' \
DEF:dsratemi=/var/db/604t.rrd:dsrate:MIN \
DEF:usratemi=/var/db/604t.rrd:usrate:MIN \
AREA:usratemi#d0ffd0:Upstream \
AREA:dsratemi#d0d0ff:Downstream:STACK \
LINE2:usratemi#00FF00 \
LINE2:dsratemi#0000FF \
HRULE:0#000000 \

The second area just goes straight over the top of the the first. I've
had a look around for examples without success. 

Also, can't find a substitute for HRULE:0#000000, LINE just complains
about the '0'.


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