[rrd-users] rrd::graph and perl rpoblem

Mauro mauog at interfree.it
Tue Jan 18 13:15:44 MET 2005

Hi all,
I'm trying to create a graph via perl script using this line:
RRDs::graph ("$rrd_graph_file", "--title", "% CPU Usage $time_interval average",
                        "--start", "$time_interval",
                        "-a", "GIF",
                        "--vertical-label", "%",

This line creates a gif file but it shows only one variable line in the graph even if @DEF and @LINE have more than one element.
For example:
print "@DEF" shows:

 DEF:cpu_usr=/home/mgatt/rrd/CPU_usage_adad11-db.rrd:cpu_usr:AVERAGE  DEF:cpu_wio=/home/mgatt/rrd/CPU_usage_adad11-db.rrd:cpu_wio:AVERAGE  DEF:cpu_idle=/home/mgatt/rrd/CPU_usage_adad11-db.rrd:cpu_idle:AVERAGE  

print "@LINE" shows:

 LINE2:cpu_usr#FF0000:%usr  LINE2:cpu_wio#0000FF:%wio  LINE2:cpu_idle#888888:%idle

but .gif shows only one red line referring to first variable cpu_usr

I create @DEF and @LINE in this way:

push (@DEF, "DEF:cpu_$unit=$rrd:cpu_$unit:AVERAGE ,")
push (@LINE,"LINE2:cpu_$unit$color:%$unit ,")
where $unit changes.

What I'm doing wrong?

Thank You

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