[rrd-users] Re: Data granularity

Erik de Mare erik at oezie.org
Thu Jan 20 22:37:20 MET 2005

Serge Maandag wrote:

> <snip>
>I still would use the log file solution.
>It's way cleaner.
I took mailgraph as an example for my scripts, and I build this with it: 
http://haas.oezie.org/rrd/httpd/ (and the script here 
http://haas.oezie.org/rrd/httpd.pl) it works like a tail -f logfile, and 
counts the new lines. strips them and count the apache errorcodes 
200,404,502 etc. I will write som documentation about it like in 
http://haas.oezie.org/rrd/cpu.htm (sorry dutch only, maybe later in 
englisch). maybe you could take it also as an example and adjust i to 
your needs.


Erik de Mare

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