[rrd-users] values less than 1

Adam Denenberg adam at dberg.org
Fri Jan 28 00:15:13 MET 2005


 when i have a value using RRD::GRAPH in an rrdcgi file that is less
then 1, the value shows up with an "m" min the graph.  I assume this
means micro of some sort, but it is confusing to other users.  Is there
a way to force a decimal place to do this instead of the "m"?

Here is my rrd:graph piece

<RRD::GRAPH /usr/local/www/mrtg/server1/server1_load_daily.png --imginfo
'<IMG SRC=/server1/%s WIDTH=%lu HEIGHT=%lu >' -a PNG -s '-1d' --width
'600' --height '150' --title '1 and 5 minute Load Avg'
'DEF:B=/usr/local/www/mrtg/server1/server1_load.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE'     -v
'Load x 100' 'AREA:A#00FF00:1-Min\j' 'COMMENT:\n' 'GPRINT:A:MAX:Max
1-Min\: %5.3lf %s' 'GPRINT:A:AVERAGE: Avg 1-Min\: %5.3lf %s'
'GPRINT:A:LAST: Current 1-Min\: %5.3lf %s' 'COMMENT:\n' 'COMMENT:\n'
'LINE1:B#0000FF:5-Min\j' 'COMMENT:\n' 'GPRINT:B:MAX:Max 5-Min\: %5.3lf
%s' 'GPRINT:B:AVERAGE: Avg 5-Min\: %5.3lf %s' 'GPRINT:B:LAST: Current
5-Min\: %5.3lf %s' >


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