[rrd-users] rrd fetch command - unexpected output

Hwee Khoon, Neo hweekhoon.neo at pacific.net.sg
Fri Jan 28 07:03:41 MET 2005

Hi all,

I am trying to use rrdtool fetch command to obtain 1 day worth of data
(polled at 5 mins interval). However the output is not what I expected:

With 5 mins interval, I should have 288 records. Can anyone spot my mistake?



bash-2.05# /usr/local/rrdtool/bin/rrdtool fetch apple-CPU.rrd
AVERAGE --start 20050102 --end 20050103
                      ds0           ds1           ds2           ds3

1104645600: 1.9971458333e+01 1.9996250000e+01 NaN NaN
1104652800: 2.0667777778e+01 2.0865694444e+01 NaN NaN
1104660000: 2.0290555556e+01 2.0381805556e+01 NaN NaN
1104667200: 1.9851805556e+01 1.9547986111e+01 NaN NaN
1104674400: 1.9761666667e+01 1.9419305556e+01 NaN NaN
1104681600: 2.1393472222e+01 2.1149930556e+01 NaN NaN
1104688800: 1.9164305556e+01 1.9066527778e+01 NaN NaN
1104696000: 1.4575972222e+01 1.5072222222e+01 NaN NaN
1104703200: 1.2986250000e+01 1.2808750000e+01 NaN NaN
1104710400: 1.2809305556e+01 1.2597777778e+01 NaN NaN
1104717600: 1.6950972222e+01 1.6452777778e+01 NaN NaN
1104724800: 1.9614722222e+01 1.9296944444e+01 NaN NaN
1104732000: 1.9206388889e+01 1.9202500000e+01 NaN NaN
1104739200: 2.0455277778e+01 2.0409861111e+01 NaN NaN

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