[rrd-users] Time in CDEF

Mitja Pufic raveer at section-one.org
Wed Jul 13 17:12:57 MEST 2005

hello all,

is it possible to use at style time spec in cdefs?

well i followed exakmple in cdef tutorial
./rrdtool graph speed3.png                             \
             --start 920804400 --end 920808000               \
             --vertical-label km/h                           \
             DEF:myspeed=test.rrd:speed:AVERAGE              \
             "CDEF:kmh=myspeed,3600,*"                       \
	CDEF:only=TIME,920804520,GE,TIME,920806020,LE,*,myspeed,UNKN,IF \
             HRULE:100#0000FF:"Maximum allowed"              \

in this example I plot only from 11:02 to 11:27, but if I try to use 
something other than seconds since epoch, I get nothing, I tryed with 
11:02 and 11.02, the first example yields ERROR: invalid rpn expression 
'TIME,11', the second creates png without error, but nothing is diplayed

thanks in advance and best regards,

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