[rrd-users] Re: *** attempt to put segment in horiz list twice ??

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Tue Jul 26 20:10:40 MEST 2005

Per Jessen wrote:

> I've just today moved from rrdtool 1.0.45 to the latest 1.2.11 - when I now try to graph
> over a timespan that contains both data logged with 1.0.45 and 1.2.11, I seem to get
> this error embedded in my PNG (which I write the stdout and present directly to a
> web-browser.)
> It is now 1855CET, the library was built at 1713CET, and I have no problem graphing the
> most recent 60 minutes (start=-1h), where as most recent 6 hours (start=-6h) seems to
> write 3-4 of these errors to stdout before it writes the png.  Also the last 24 hours
> don't work, whereas last 7days and last 30day work fine.

A quick grep through the source shows no such message being issued by rrdtool, which leads
me to suspect libart?  I've taken a copy of my current RRD database - hopefully that will
help reproduce this problem when needed.

/Per Jessen, Zürich

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