[rrd-users] what's the best way to poll data at a high frequency

John Barber jbarber at ingham.org
Thu Jul 28 14:12:04 MEST 2005

I'm not a programer, but I play one on TV.  Sorry, couldn't help myself

Really though, I am far from being a great coder but I know enough to
get me by when I need something done, and I'm pretty good at figuring
things out if I have an example to work with.

That being said, I was wondering what is a good way to collect data to
update an rrd if you want to update often, say every 10 seconds or so.

I have never needed to collect data at the rate before, currently my
most frequent update is every 5 minutes.
The way I currently do it is with a VBScript I wrote. I just use a
scheduled task on the server (Windows2003) and have it fire off every 5
minutes.  I seems like it would not be a very good option to have a
VBSCRIPT that lunches every 10 seconds, I'm not even sure if in Windows
you can create a task that launches that often.

I don't know if it matters but I am collecting the data using SNMP.
That brings up another question. One of the things I am collecting data
from is an environmental sensor that you can poll using SNMP, but it
also has a web server that you can poll. It has one page on the web
server that has 1 single comma delimited line that contains all the
data.  I seems polling this might be a better way to go, but I have no
idea how to get that string from the web server.

Thanks for any help,


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