[rrd-users] Re: problems installing rrd ...

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Tue Jun 7 01:00:54 MEST 2005

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 08:37:01AM +1000, Peter Ryall wrote:

> > hello group,
> > 
> > i'm having some problems installing two of the libraries for rrd ...
> > 
> > the first is libart library which LOOKS as though it has configure'd
> > and make'd correctly, and when i do a make install i get success until ...
> > 
> > ---------------output1-----------------------------
> > <snip>
> >  ./install-sh -c -m 644 libart.h /usr/local/include/libart-2.0/libart_lgpl/libart.h
> >  ./install-sh -c -m 644 libart-features.h /usr/local/include/libart-2.0/libart_lgpl/libart-features.h
> > make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/rrdbuild/libart_lgpl-2.3.17'
> > and
> > ls -la /usr/local/include/libart-2.0/libart_lgpl/libart-features.h
> > 
> > ---------------EOoutput1---------------------------

Are you saying here that the installation didn't happen, although
no error is shown?

> > checking for egrep... configure: error: no acceptable egrep could be found in $PATH
> > make: *** [builds/unix/unix-def.mk] Error 1

I've seen that one myself.  Try gnu egrep.

> > now this is a 'normal' solaris 9 box with the 'normal' egrep. what
> > the heck is going on ... 'everyone' else has told me how easy all
> > this is to install!!!

Solaris 9, that's SunOS 5.9, right? If so:

I have virtually no experience on solaris 9.  Yet I was able to
compile rrdtool in a few hours, including working my way through
some issues that "real" solaris admins know.  As of yet (it is
running for a couple of days now) I didn't encounter problems.

I didn't install the libraries in the usual locations as I am just
a regular user of the system.  For freetype I did:
GNUMAKE=gmake EGREP=gegrep ./configure --prefix=~/c/libs
(and some more settings, to find 64-bit libraries)

I installed my libraries under ~/c/libs.  When I do
"find ~/c/libs -name libart-features.h -print" I find this file
here: ~/c/libs/include/libart-2.0/libart_lgpl/libart-features.h

Strange that this didn't work for you.  It certainly did work
on another box.  IIRC Tobi is also using sun, chances are it
works for him too.

When you find out why it doesn't work on your box, perhaps you
could report your findings here.  TIA.


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