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Osinuga Mobolaji bosinuga at ipnxnigeria.net
Fri Jun 17 21:24:52 MEST 2005

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Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 5:42 PM
Subject: Populating the database

> Hello,
> I have a small script that I just wrote to do the simple nms for a
> interface.
> I feel the database is being populated but it doesn't show anything from
> graph.
> Though I followed the tutorials in setting this up, but I feel I am
> something out.
> What I want achieved is getting usage across an interface on a router
> graphical while a horizontal line is drawn at a particular point on the
> y-axis. This will help offset to be noticed immediately.
> The script is as below: I know somebody can help with a better script (I
> won't mind for the deployment I have to do over this weekend!)
> #!/bin/bash
> snmpget monitor > in
> snmpget monitor > out
> sed 's/interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.1 = Counter32: //g' in > inn
> sed 's/interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOutOctets.1 = Counter32: //g' out >
> #$b<>inn
> #$$c<>outt
> cat inn <> b
> cat outt <>c
> echo $b
> echo $c
> rrdtool update myrouter.rrd N:$b:$c
> rrdtool graph myrouter-day.gif --start -86400 \
> DEF:inoctets=myrouter.rrd:input:AVERAGE \
> DEF:outoctets=myrouter.rrd:output:AVERAGE \
> AREA:inoctets#00FF00:"In Traffic" \
> LINE1:outoctets#0000FF:"Out Traffic"
> Thank you.

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