[rrd-users] Re: RRD Database Combining

DANIEL MAGNUSZEWSKI dmagnuszewski at mandtbank.com
Thu Mar 24 16:01:42 MET 2005

It sounds like you should write a script that will create a new RRD if
it doesn't exist, then get data from DS0 on rrd1 and DS1 on rrd2 (for
example) and have it update your new database. Set this up as a cron
job, and run it every 5 minutes (or whatever your desired interval is).

Are you proficient at manipulating RRDs with scripts? Let me know.

Daniel Magnuszewski
M & T Bank
dmagnuszewski at mandtbank.com

>>> "Thomas Beecher" <tbeecher at localnet.com> 03/23/05 12:51 PM >>>
That would work for generating the graph using RRD, but I'm trying to 
create a 3rd RRD database that only holds a single DS.

  	DS0	DS1	DS2
Val at T1	0	10	0
Val at T2	0	10	0	
Val at T3	0	10	0

Val at T1	5
Val at T2	10
Val at T3	15

Val at T1	15
Val at T2	20
Val at T3	25

I would then be able to run total.rrd through my existing Cricket CGIs

to do the actual graph creation in the formats that I need.

The problem isn't creation of the graphs, it's getting values from 2 
different rrd files combined into one.

Thomas Beecher II
Network Administrator
LocalNet, Inc

MrPaulAR wrote:
> Something like this?
> "DEF:device1=device1.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE",
> "DEF:devicd2=device2.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE",
> "CDEF:total=device1,device2,+",
> Paul
> On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:12:01 -0500, Thomas Beecher
> <tbeecher at localnet.com> wrote:
>>Our organization currently uses the Cricket package to graph modem
>>across all of out dial in POPs. Cricket is storing the polled data
>>standard RRD databases, and uses it's own CGIs to generate the
>>Most POPs have multiple pieces of dial-in equipment, so we need to
>>totals on one graph. For most areas this is not a problem, as
>>has a function to sum data from all defined targets and display that
>>We run into an issue when we have two different pieces of equipment
>>the same POP. One type creates 3 data sources and 3 entries per
>>interval in the RRD database. The other creates one one DS, 1 entry.
>>cannot use the Cricket sum function, as we need it to combine DS0 on
>>device with DS 1 on the other for an accurate graph.
>>We are able to use the rrdtool command line to create combined
>>like we want. However, we would like to be able to create a 3rd rrd
>>database to hold the totals, and have Cricket engine run the graphs
>>the rest of our devices.
>>The question then:
>>Is it possible to combine two data sources from different RRD
>>into one? Ie. Combine device1.rrd:DS0 with device2.rrd:DS1 to create
>>If we can get at least that done, everything else we want to do
>>fall into place. I have considered dumping each DB to XML, parsing
>>the data I want, summing that up, generating new XML, and creating a
>>DB from that, but it almost seems like that is more work than it
>>to be.

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