[rrd-users] Re: 14all and rrdtool 1.2

Paul Sobey Paul.Sobey at dpfm.com
Fri May 27 10:59:10 MEST 2005

> alt-y-mrtg was dropped in 1.2, but Tobias put it back in as a placebo
> option
> in 1.2.7:
> * add --alt-y-mrtg as a placebo option for old front-ends who use
>   this. It gets silently ignored.
> Alternatively you can strip the alt-y-mrtg from 14all.cgi.
> mrtg-rrd.cgi is a replacement option for 14all, but I don't know
> whether it uses the alt-y-mrtg option.

I've modified the code to remove the offending parameter, and also added
the use of the Storable module to persist the %my14all::config_cache
structure to disk, since I don't have access to a mod_perl environment
and am limited to pure cgi only. It's now very fast, and produces lovely
graphs. Hooray!


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