[rrd-users] Re: RRD / MRTG on Win32.

Villafuerte Icaza Rodolfo Eduardo RVILLAFU at sunat.gob.pe
Fri May 27 15:42:20 MEST 2005

The "aditional components" are the necessary software to run mrtg/rrd... 

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Isn't there another way... I'm not really interested in installing
additional components that mrtgbundle uses... I'm hoping to a way to just
script out the "graphing" function, then building my own webui.


Villafuerte Icaza Rodolfo Eduardo wrote:

>Hi, i have the same problem, i no understand how install and config 
>14all.cgi or routers2.cgi...
>Actually im using mrtgbundle over win 2000 server ok...
>Include: perl, mrtg, rrdtool, apache...
>Recently migrate to win 2003 and is working very well... 
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>De: Robert Sherrard [mailto:rob at robsherrard.com] Enviado el: Jueves, 26 
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>Asunto: [rrd-users] RRD / MRTG on Win32.
>I am looking for some possible assistance... I am relatively new to 
>RRD; however, I am looking to integrate this tool with an MRTG instance 
>running on Win2k3. I have successfully configured MRTG to start writing 
>/ using the RRD log file format... my issue is now how can I generate 
>graphs based on the new format. I realize that once you specify the 
>"Use RRD" in your MRT config, MRTG stops graphing. I have tried with no 
>luck using 14all.cgi and some other tools, with no luck... are there 
>any other "manual" ways, which I can then script out? Any help would be 
>much appreciated... the person that helps me out, if they have an Amazon
wish list... I will buy them a DVD.
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