[rrd-users] Newbie rrdtool fetch question

Gary Danko gdanko at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 21:16:19 MEST 2005

I have some PHP scripts that monitor our main switch's input and
output. Since I'm a stupid n00b I am going to ask this in dummy speak.

My rrdtool graphs accurately display the input and output on my switch ports.

The graph is much like MRTG in that it displays two rows of data with
the following info...

Maximum Input: 150.16 Mb/s
Average Input: 127.87 Mb/s
Current Input: 130.17 Mb/s

Maximum Output: 440.08 Mb/s
Average Output: 401.41 Mb/s
Current Output: 372.06 Mb/s

I want to grab some of the information using rrdtool fetch and process
it in a script but the output comes to me as:

1128534300: 1.6889052210e+07 5.1873403241e+07
1128534600: 1.6173097071e+07 5.1518386446e+07
1128534900: 1.6906922912e+07 5.3830252441e+07
1128535200: 1.6869534415e+07 5.4736620380e+07
1128535500: 1.6041852820e+07 5.3719096723e+07
1128535800: 1.6545340663e+07 5.3319111484e+07
1128536100: 1.8579746544e+07 5.5038761196e+07
1128536400: 1.9357851760e+07 5.8457736374e+07
1128536700: 1.8813765676e+07 5.8445581243e+07
1128537000: 1.5704466959e+07 5.6271353552e+07
1128537300: 1.3122300068e+07 5.4227032121e+07

What I want to know is... How do I translate something like
5.4227032121e+07 into Kb/s or Mb/s?

Thanks in advance!

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