[rrd-users] Reading rrd files from VB6

Andy Canfield andy.canfield at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 01:30:47 MEST 2005

Is there any interest on the list for reading rrd files from VB6? I
had to write a project last week that provided a COM object to VB6
that allows it to read from rrd files. I will put the project out for
anyone to have if there is interest in this. The COM object is called
RRDReader and it works kind of like an ADO recordset and the methods
in the library so far are:
Function Connect(strRRDFullFilePath As String) As Long
Sub Disconnect()
Function EORRA() As Long ' ( end of RRA )
Function GetCurrentRowTimeStamp() As Long
Function GetCurrentTimeStampAsString() As String
Function GetDSCount() As Long
Function GetDSMax(index As Long) As Double
Function GetDSMin(index As Long) As Double
Function GetDSMinimumHeartbeat(index As Long) As Long
Function GetDSName(index As Long) As String
Function GetDSType(index As Long) As String
Function GetRow() As Double()
Function GetRRACount() As Long
Function GetRRARowCount(index As Long) As Long
Sub MoveFirst()
Sub Next()
Sub SetRRAToReadFrom(index As Long)

The library is written in MSVC++6 ( as in not real C++ but the MSFT
specific kind ) and I can put up an example of it's use from VB6 as
well. I apologize in advance for the Windows specific content but I
haven't been able to convince this particular dept. of the error of
their ways yet :) but for anyone needing something similar please let
me know and if there is interest in this I will put it up for folks to

Many thanks to Gabrielle Roth for pointing me to the portions of the
rrdtool source I needed in order to write this as I had never dealt
with rrdtool before last week and now that I know about it, it has
opened up all kinds of cool new things I can do with server logging
here at my company.

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