[rrd-users] Re: Reading rrd files from VB6

ANDY CANFIELD andy_canfield at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 14 02:10:52 MEST 2005

OK I have gotten feedback that there is interest in this so I am posting it 
from my hotmail account as my gmail account doesn't seem to like some of the 
files in the VC++ project. If this doesn't go through the list server with 
the attachments intact just e-mail me back here and I will send you a copy 
of the project and the example use VB6 project.

>From: Andy Canfield <andy.canfield at gmail.com>
>To: rrd-users at list.ee.ethz.ch
>Subject: [rrd-users] Reading rrd files from VB6
>Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 16:30:47 -0700
>Is there any interest on the list for reading rrd files from VB6? I
>had to write a project last week that provided a COM object to VB6
>that allows it to read from rrd files. I will put the project out for
>anyone to have if there is interest in this. The COM object is called
>RRDReader and it works kind of like an ADO recordset and the methods
>in the library so far are:
>Function Connect(strRRDFullFilePath As String) As Long
>Sub Disconnect()
>Function EORRA() As Long ' ( end of RRA )
>Function GetCurrentRowTimeStamp() As Long
>Function GetCurrentTimeStampAsString() As String
>Function GetDSCount() As Long
>Function GetDSMax(index As Long) As Double
>Function GetDSMin(index As Long) As Double
>Function GetDSMinimumHeartbeat(index As Long) As Long
>Function GetDSName(index As Long) As String
>Function GetDSType(index As Long) As String
>Function GetRow() As Double()
>Function GetRRACount() As Long
>Function GetRRARowCount(index As Long) As Long
>Sub MoveFirst()
>Sub Next()
>Sub SetRRAToReadFrom(index As Long)
>The library is written in MSVC++6 ( as in not real C++ but the MSFT
>specific kind ) and I can put up an example of it's use from VB6 as
>well. I apologize in advance for the Windows specific content but I
>haven't been able to convince this particular dept. of the error of
>their ways yet :) but for anyone needing something similar please let
>me know and if there is interest in this I will put it up for folks to
>Many thanks to Gabrielle Roth for pointing me to the portions of the
>rrdtool source I needed in order to write this as I had never dealt
>with rrdtool before last week and now that I know about it, it has
>opened up all kinds of cool new things I can do with server logging
>here at my company.
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