[rrd-users] Problems with locale

Andrius Narbutas abl at xxx.lt
Tue Oct 25 01:43:16 MEST 2005

Upgraded to rrdtool 1.2.11 with hope, that i get my regional letters 
shown correctly ;-) Got several problems :
a) fixed colons in code. This isn't a problem, this is described in 
"major incompat." list. BUT. I didn't find anywhere mentioned, that 
variables in 1.2.x can't be only digits. I used such variables in 1.0.x 
version without a problem (shell script that picks users from db, finds 
rrd and draws graphs, so easiest way to implement this - start a counter 
and use it as variable ;-) - but now my scripts stopped working. Take a 
look :
rrdtool graph img.png --start -86400 --imgformat PNG --step 300 
DEF:1=db.rrd:Lbig:AVERAGE LINE1:1#61C323:label
This works in 1.0.x without problems, but in 1.2.x it draws only empty 
horiz. line. No warnings, no errors. Just don't works as expected. Devs, 
please, mention this issue somewhere in changelog ;-) It isn't hard to 
change "DEF:$counter=db.rrd" to "DEF:randomstring${counter}=db.rrd" - 
but how to know what to change? ;-)
This problem is now solved for me. Another...
b) So, now i can change fonts. Good. But how to change encoding? Graph :
rrdtool graph test1.png --start -86400 --imgformat PNG --title 
'ąčęėįšųūž' --width 1000 --height 900 --step 300 
DEF:a=db.rrd:Lbig:AVERAGE LINE1:a#61C323:ąčęėįšųūž --font 
DEFAULT:11:../fonts/isocpeur.ttf --font-render-mode normal --font 
...and i get all in iso-8859-1 encoding. With debian package installed 
(1.2.11-4). Maybe this package is "overpatched"? I took "vanilla" 
rrdtool 1.2.11 source and build new package. Nothing changes. Build it 
"standart" way - make, make install. The same. At last, rebuild patched 
package - changed setlocale(LC_CTYPE,""); in rrd_graph.c to 
setlocale(LC_CTYPE,"lt_LT");. Results are the same. Then i changed 
locales. Previously i had lt_LT.ISO-8859-13 and lt_LT.UTF-8 compiled in. 
Now purged all locale data with localepurge, removed 
/usr/lib/locale/locale-archive and dpkg-reconfigure locales to 
en_US.utf8, lt_LT.iso-8859-13 and lt_LT.utf-8 only. And set default 
locale on system to lt_LT.UTF-8 (user locale allways was this, just LANG 
variable was C, because i don't want translated stuff). Exported all 
variables, LANG too. Ran rrdtool - no change. Changed text to unicode 
and ran with LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 rrdtool ... - the same. Just i get 2 
symbols instead of one, so - rrdtool uses the same locale. Tried with 
different locales, exported or just set before run rrdtool; changed 
fonts to default, and to "verdana", "arial" - nothing helps. I allways 
get text displayed in the same encoding, independent of locale settings, 
independent from font. "Patched" rrd_graph.c don't helps too. As last 
resort i just straced rrdtool... And didn't find anything interesting. 
One call to locale-archive, and lots of calls to /etc/localtime. Nothing 
more with locale.
One strange thing - month names are displayed correctly - i mean, not 
"Jun", but "Sau" (as of "Sausis" instead of "January") - but without 
lithuanian letters too :/
I saw many graphs with "strange" symbols to me - greek, etc. So, rrdtool 
can really show this without problems. Anyone has idea, how to track - 
that i'm doing wrong?

Some info : Debian unstable (and debian stable with rrdtool compiled "by 
hand" into sandbox too), it really supports mbstowcs (even configure 
check tells about it), rrdtool 1.2.11. In case of symbols :
http://abl.fan.lt/t_lt.png - at left are letters rendered with rrdtool, 
right side - how they should look (just another spacing, the same font)

If something has ideas, how to trace where rrdtool fallbacks to latin1 - 
please write ;-)

Thanks. And sorry for incorrect english :/

P.S. there are more issues that differs  from 1.0.x - for example, graph 
rendered with "--slope-mode --no-gridfit" differs in size (total) from 
graph rendered only with "--slope-mode" or "--no-gridfit" or without any 
of thosem but, i think, they should go into devel list....

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