[rrd-users] Re: stuck building RRD

Roth, Gabrielle gabrielle.roth at xo.com
Tue Oct 25 16:20:35 MEST 2005

> This data is a 'counter' (at 
> least in my
> mind). The counter represents the number (total) of open 
> tickets on the
> helpdesk. So say it is 400. I want to end up with a chart 
> that has a line at
> 400. If 4 tickets close the db will return (and I'll push 
> into the rrd) 396.
> And the chart line should drop.
> So in other words the value that is being pushed into is the 
> 'real' current
> value of open tickets.
First things first: as far as RRD is concerned, this isn't a counter,
it's a gauge.

[The classic example explaining counter vs gauge is odometer vs
speedometer.  The odometer in your car tracks the total # of miles
you've driven, and is always increasing - a counter.  The speedometer
tracks how fast you are currently driving - a gauge.)

If you were measuring the total number of tickets that go through the
help desk, which will only increase, you'd use the counter datatype.  To
measure the current number of open tickets, which may increase or
decrease, (we hope it decreases!), use the gauge datatype.

> I need it to average and chart this. 
> I've tried 4
> different RRD files. Non of them look remotly correct.
Try the gauge datatype & see if that gets you at least one step closer.

- gabrielle -
data != information

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