[rrd-users] Re: starting with rrd

Sérgio Lopes sergiol at ipp.pt
Fri Sep 2 15:30:13 MEST 2005

Hi again,
Unfortunately, it's not my decision to make. I did install Cacti, tried 
it out, liked it, talked about it with who's in charge, but I am still 
requested to create a rrd myself and fill it with the values stored on 
the mysql db.. so back to square 1.
Thanks anyway for replying , Mark.


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Mark Duling wrote:

>Sérgio Lopes <sergiol at ipp.pt> on Thursday, September 1, 2005 at 3:45 AM
>-0800 wrote:
>>I'm completely new to rrd and I'd appreciate some help here. I've read 
>>some short tutorials but they didn't really help me...
>>In our organization, we log the usage of our wireless network 
>>(successful logins, bandwidth use, etc) in a mysql database and we want 
>>to store those values in a rrd..
>>So, for instance, if I want to store the number of successful logins 
>>initiated in each 5 minute period and pull out some graphs of daily, 
>>monthly or yearly use how should I:
>>* setup the rrd, i. e., what rrdtool command should I build
>>* create the daily, weekly, whatever usage graphs
>I'd use an RRDtool front-end that manipulates RRDTool automatically for
>you.  These front-ends are made to graph network devices and provide 4-hr,
>day, week, month, and year graphs automatically, using RRDtool to do it. 
>That way all you need to do is supply SNMP info about your network gear. 
>I like NRG (http://nrg.hep.wisc.edu/); some like Cacti
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