[rrd-users] don't know which datatype to choose

Alex Prinsier aphex at aphexer.dyndns.org
Sat Sep 3 01:58:10 MEST 2005

I want to create a rrd-db which I update with how much bytes have been
sent over the network. This counter doesn't reset when reading (like the
one from a router). In the end I want to know how much data has been
sent from one moment in time till another one.

I could use the COUNTER type, but then I would get the actual speed of
the data getting transmitted, not the amount.

I could use the GAUGE type, but then I would need to get the counter
reset everytime I read from it.

I need something that calculates the difference between the last update
and the current one, but one that doesn't divide it by the time elapsed.

Anyone can suggest me something to use?

Btw: when the counter resets anyway (like from a reboot), and not at the
32-bit boundary, does rrdtool notice this and know what to do?

Thanks in advance,


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