[rrd-users] Re: Possible RRDs.pm Bug

Tom Daly tom at dyndns.com
Fri Sep 30 02:18:32 MEST 2005

>> Has anyone has problems when trying to use GPRINTs with RRDs.pm? Tobi's
>> docs indicate that "GPRINT:vname:format" is the corrent syntax for a
> (G)PRINT  of a  DEF:   vname:CF:format
> (G)PRINT  of a CDEF:   vname:CF:format
> (G)PRINT  of a VDEF:   vname:format
> Last time I checked, this was in the documentation.  Which piece is wrong?

Looking at 

     This is the same as PRINT, but printed inside the graph.

Maybe its not wrong, but misleading. I'm not really sure how to solve the 
problem. I'd like to be able to print the current value in the GPRINT. 

> By the way, here's why:  DEF and CDEF produce an array of rates.  VDEF 
> produces a single rate.  You can print a single value but you need to 
> summarize an array before you can print it.  Makes sense, no?

Sure...but how? ;)

Tom Daly

Thomas J. Daly
tom at dyndns.com
Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

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