[rrd-users] Re: Can not parse any arguments with Perl RRDs

mugi at pinesalad.net mugi at pinesalad.net
Wed Apr 19 01:13:36 MEST 2006

> I am going to guess that you used gcc to compile rrdtool, right? 

Shawn - That's Correct.  I'm using gcc 4.1.0 from UCLA AIX PDSLIB.

> I think the problem has something to do with threading, as I 
> know that getopt isn't thread safe.

I see a reference to that in the THREADS doc located in the root of
As perl itself is multi-thread on AIX, it explains a bit on why rrdtool
works but the perl module doesn't?

> I recompiled rrdtool with IBM's C compiler, and after that everything
> behaved normally. The trouble is only with the perl modules. If you have
> IBM's C compiler available, I suggest you use that. 

Unfortunatly I don't have access to IBM's compiler so apparently I am at
the mercy of others to build a working binary package with (or juest)
the perl modules.  

A person (Zoran) on the AIX newsgroup had posted a working binary, but
unfortunatly a few of the Perl module files are missing in their tar
file.  Both Group Bull and UCLA have 1.0 versions of rrdtool, but they
don't include the perl modules.

Possible to post a link to your compiled rrdtool (or at least the perl

Some other thoughts:

1.What I'm not sure about is why the Xlc compiler works fine with no
code modification with the getopt issue.
Should be the same issues that exists for getopt and threading for any

2. It looks like when the perl modules are built they use compiler
options that appear to come from the perl version installed. When it
builds with gcc you get 

cc_r: unrecognized option '-qmaxmem=-1'
cc_r: unrecognized option '-qnoansialias'
cc_r: unrecognized option '-q32'
cc_r: unrecognized option '-qlonglong'

Which are Xlc based options.   

Not sure where those are stored (or if they can be modified) but would
be nice to be able to change these for gcc options. 

Right now I'm compiling perl 5.8.8 with no multi-threading with gcc to
see if it will work that way.
I can use an alternate path to this version of perl when using RRDs.

Horribly unclean, but I need to get this working.

Any further thoughts on this?


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