[rrd-users] Re: RRDTool:OO question

William Yardley rrd-users at veggiechinese.net
Sat Apr 29 20:39:33 MEST 2006

On Fri, Apr 28, 2006 at 09:47:03PM -0700, b2b at perlmeister.com wrote:
> Indeed, RRDTool::OO is shuffling things around. First come all the graphs,
> then all the gprints.
> Instead, RRDTool::OO should preserve the original order. I'll make
> the necessary adjustments.

I got a test update from Mike which seems to have done the trick.

Only problem now is some weird spacing stuff that hopefully the list can
help with.

If I insert a literal space into a certain string, it seems to screw up
the overall spacing, even though I have tabs after it. However, if I try
to put a 

* Combined: 12.32               * Max1: 3.43   * Ave1: 8.43
                               * Max2: 4.31   * Ave2: 4.32

(there are tabs at the beginning of the second line, in between
max1/ave1, max2/ave2, and in between the combined and max1 bits).

If I put in a comment with a single space, RRDTool seems to put in more
than one space.  Is there an easy way to embed a single space? And
shouldn't I not have to worry about the single space since I'm using

If I just leave out the space after "Combined:", the spacing works out

Also: is there any way to put a single space *after* a string but still
avoid the extra spaces that are there if I don't put \g? I tried stuff
Ave2\:\ \g
but \g strips out any whitespace at all. So is there a way to supress
those extra spaces without also ignoring all whitespace within a string?


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