[rrd-users] Update: PATCH: rrdtool with SQL DS using libdbi

Martin Sperl rrdtool at martin.sperl.org
Wed Aug 23 08:55:09 MEST 2006

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Here an update to the last patch, that fixes the following problems:

* multiple tables can be used as a joined datasource for a graph (most 
usefull to have a separate small dynamic table and a huge static table).
* /derive option now gives accurate results when graphing longer 
timespans for MIN/MAX.
* workaround for mysql bug 18165 - now using <start> < timestamp and 
timestamp < <end> instead of BETWEEN
* SQL statement changes for better performance
* /prediction and /sigma are now synonyms and return now value, 
prediction and sigma in one go, which reduces strain on the database 
(simmilar selects are now done once and not 3 times) and is more efficient
* allows now for %XX escaping some of the arguments.

This has been tested on a system with tables of more that 100M rows and 
65k different datasources...


P.s: do not forget to execute "autoconf", "automake" and "configure" 
after applying the patch to 1.2.15!

Martin Sperl wrote:
> Hi!
> I have created a patch to rrdtool 1.2 (SVN) which allows to define a 
> DS from a SQL database for graphing using the libdbi library for DB 
> abstraction.
> Tobi told me to post the patch to this list, as he thinks that several 
> people might be interrested in it immediately.
> He is also thinking about adding it to rrdtool 1.3 when this patch has 
> been given some more testing...
> List of features:
> * db-abstration via libdbi with DB support for the following Databases 
> out of the box:
>   * mysql
>   * postgress
> * calculation of the "derivative" of a database values (so that we get 
> behaviour simmilar to COUNTER/DERIVE type datasources)
> * Prediction logic, which gives from DB data values for:
>   * prediction
>   * sigma
> * SQL-DS can also be used for further transformations with CDEFs
> ...

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