[rrd-users] Re: How can I get the accurate data from the graph by rrdtool?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Aug 29 08:39:27 MEST 2006

Chunjing Han wrote:

>     I have used the Smokeping to get the graph of network delay and 
>loss package rate. the graphs include daily  ,month and year rrdtool 
>picture. In the rrdtool graph , the max and average data of ping are 
>listed at the bottom of the picture .But I found that the max ping 
>in the month graph is lower than the daily graph. moreover,the max 
>ping in the year graph is lower than the monthly graph. Because the 
>different max ping and the importance of the max ping ,I can't show 
>the graph to explain the network trend.
>     How can I get the accurate data from the graph by rrdtool?

When you defined the RRD store, did you store the max values ? If you 
only store the average then the best you can show is the max value of 
the average function for the time period - and as the resolution gets 
less, peaks (ie the max) get smoothed out by the averaging.

I have recently set up network traffic logging, I defined both 
average and max consolidations in the RRD store for that reason.


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