[rrd-users] Re: Graph Error ?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Dec 5 10:03:27 MET 2006

ICALLING  wrote:

>AREA:a#DE0056:"OP1 \:"  \
>GPRINT:a:LAST:"Current\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:a:MIN:"Min\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:a:MAX:"Max\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:a:AVERAGE:"Average\:%2.0lf%S\n"  \
>LINE2:b#7EE600:"OP2\:"  \
>GPRINT:b:LAST:"   Current\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:b:MIN:"Min\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:b:MAX:"Max\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:b:AVERAGE:"Average\:%2.0lf%S\n"  \
>LINE2:c#F9FD5F:"OP3\:"  \
>GPRINT:c:LAST:"  Current\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:c:MIN:"Min\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:c:MAX:"Max\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:c:AVERAGE:"Average\:%2.0lf%S\n"  \
>LINE2:d#002A8F:"OP4\:"  \
>GPRINT:d:LAST:" Current\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:d:MIN:"Min\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:d:MAX:"Max\:%2.0lf%S"  \
>GPRINT:d:AVERAGE:"Average\:%2.0lf%S\n"  \
>GPRINT:cdefca:LAST:"Current\:%8.0lf\n"  \
>GPRINT:cdefca:AVERAGE:"Average\:%8.0lf\n"  \
>The image displayed is ok, except the fact that the sum for maximum is
>wrong. Where i is the mistake ?

In what way is it wrong ?

My guess is that you expect max to be the maximum sample value during 
the graph period, and min to be the minimum value. What you actually 
get is the max and min values of the AVERAGE value over each stored 
sample period - effectively the max and min values plotted.

Eg, if you had values 10,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 which got consolidated 
into one sample in the rrd, then the average is 1, and you would get 
min and max of 1 in your legend.

If however you store min and max aggregations in the rrd, max would 
be 10, min would be 0, and the average plotted on the graph would be 

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