[rrd-users] Re: Processing HEX values

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Dec 19 10:16:49 MET 2006

Marcel Schulte wrote:

>Many thanks to John Baker and Dan Cech for their suggestions.
>Unfortunately the data is fetched by an application in our management
>solution and I'm unable to insert my own script between fetching and

I'd be surprised if there is really NO way to do it - at the very 
least, how about moving the real rrd binary and putting a script with 
the same name in it's place. The management tool would then call your 
script which could then call the real rrd binary with the corrected 
values. Obviously you'd have to tweak everything else that calls the 
binary, or else have your script figure out how it's being called and 
thus whether it has to do anything or not.

It the vendors of the management tool have been very nice, you might 
find that they already use a script between their binary and the rrd 
call which you can edit.

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