[rrd-users] Some questions on RRD

Panos Kassianidis pkas at inaccessnetworks.com
Mon Feb 6 11:55:13 MET 2006

Good morning everyone.

I would like to ask the RRD gurus in here a couple of questions which 
are very important for me in order to decide to use the rrdtool or not.

1. Let's say you have a data source of type GAUGE and you store data 
with an interval of 1min, keeping 3 RRA's
every 15,30 and 60mins. At some point you want to fetch data with an 
interval of 17mins for example, for which no RRA is available. Is 
rrdtool capable of on the fly applying this filtering  on the high 
resolution data in order to fulfil
a fetch query with an arbitrary interval?

2. Can you change the base interval that you specified with the -s 
switch when you create the RRD using the rrdcreate command later on?

3. When you create an RRD and specify a data source can you add 
another data source to the same RRD later on?
If not, then when you create an RRD how can you specify to which DS 
each RRA refers to?

             Thank you very much in advance and I would appreciate any 


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