[rrd-users] RRD Returning NaN for Some Counters

MrPaul mrpaular at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 20:52:50 MET 2006

Sorry if this is a MRTG question but the issues seem to be coming from

I'm trying to graph some GigE sub interfaces (VLANs) on a Cisco 7200. 
The pertinent info out of the mrtg cfg file is as follows

Target[gw-rt.clm_Gi0_1.1]: #Gi0/1.1:COMMUNITY at host.name:::::2
SetEnv[gw-rt.clm_Gi0_1.1]: MRTG_INT_IP=""
MaxBytes[gw-rt.clm_Gi0_1.1]: 125000000

I'm noticing my MRTG graphs are only generating data for one
direction.  Upon further inspection, the input on this interface is
always nan.  I can poll this manually and I always get an incrementing

When I run MRTG in debug mode (mrtg --debug=log cfg.file) I get some
indication that rrdtool isn't inserting the data correctly.

--log: Called: RRDs::tune(/home/mrtg/public_html/network-stats/host.name_gi0_1.1.rrd
-a ds0:125000000 -a ds1:125000000 -d ds0:COUNTER -d ds1:COUNTER)
--log: Calling:
--log: Called: RRDs::last()
--log: Called: RRDs::fetch(/home/mrtg/public_html/network-stats/host.name_gi0_1.1.rrd,'AVERAGE','-s',1139341818,'-e',1139341818)
--log:   got: NaN/8509438.73067865

Note that last line from RRDs::fetch returned NaN/8509438.73067865. 
That shouldn't be there right?

Thanks for any input you can give me on this one...drawing a blank here.


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