[rrd-users] Re: what's causing 'bad format for GPRINT'?

rader at ginseng.hep.wisc.edu rader at ginseng.hep.wisc.edu
Mon Feb 27 02:47:39 MET 2006

 > Somehow I broke some graphs that I maintain.  I'm now getting this
 > complaint:
 >    [ERROR: bad format for [G]PRINT in '[ERROR']
 > Attached is a small part of one of my cgi's which is failing.  If
 > I feed this to rrdcgi (e.g. 'rrdcgi --filter file'), I get the
 > above error.  If I remove the blank line at the top of the file, the
 > error seems to go away.  That seems odd.
 > I'm not particularly adept with rrdtool, so please forgive any obvious
 > idiocy on my part.  Any suggestions?


 GPRINT:now:MAX:"<RRD::TIME::NOW "%a %d %b %Y %H\:%M">\r"


 COMMENT:"<RRD::TIME::NOW '%a %d %b %Y %H:%M'>\r"


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systems & network manager
high energy physics
university of wisconsin

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