[rrd-users] xff insufficiently documented & traffic volume recording

Michael Bunk mb at computer-leipzig.com
Tue Jan 17 13:05:04 MET 2006

first, I find the "x files factor" difficult. This has two reasons:

	1. Its name does not give a hint to its meaning. Where does it come from?
	2. The rrdcreate man page does not specify the units it is in.

Reading the sourcecode, I found that it can take values from 0 to 1 and now it 
makes sense. Therefore, please rename it to "upr" aka "unknown period ratio" 
and mention the allowed range in the man page.


Second, I want to record traffic volume data in an rrdb. I'm planning to do a 
'fetch' and display the megabytes transferred over the days of the month as 
numbers in an HTML table.

Is this the right approach? Does anyone record traffic volume using an rrdb?

My current rrdb has these parameters:

step = 300

The DS gets the bytes/sec from the network interface. I didn't want to use 
GAUGE here, because if fear counter wraps.

The RRA gets a new value every 24h and keeps history for 600 days.

The traffic volume in bytes would be the RRA value for the day multiplied by 
the seconds one day takes (86400 seconds).

As the whole thing didn't run for a complete day yet, I only fetch 'UNKNOWN' 
values from my RRA. That is why I think of adjusting the xff value.

Kindest regards,
 Michael Bunk

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