[rrd-users] Re: xff insufficiently documented & traffic volume recording

Michael Bunk mb at computer-leipzig.com
Tue Jan 17 15:26:59 MET 2006

> > 	1. Its name does not give a hint to its meaning. Where does it come
> > from?
> IIRC it does give a hint, you just didn't understand it :)
OK, now I also got it.

> I agree Ratio would have been better than Factor.  I still like
> X-Files, so my suggestion would be "xfr".  However, that looks too
> much like "transfer" thus is not an appropriate change.
> You are welcome to submit patches to any part of the program, including
> its documentation.  Edit the file 'rrdcreate.pod' and submit the
> differences, preferably in the right format as described in file README in
> the top of the distribution directory tree.

I was not serious in renaming xff - it is too late now. Just for the record.

Attached is a diff that adds some more specificity to the rrdcreate man page.
It is not exactly in the right format, but so small, may it be forgiven.

Thanks for you quick reply,
 Michael Bunk

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