[rrd-users] Re: traffic volume recording

Atle Veka atlev at flyingcroc.net
Wed Jan 18 03:46:09 MET 2006

Since we're on the topic of traffic data gathering.. I have been looking
for non-RRD based solutions out there from the same reasons as others have
mentioned, mainly having data in a true form and not consolidated. So far
no luck, are there any good open source options out there? A tool that
stores the snmp counters in unaltered form in some sort of database, just
like how RRDtool stores them but without playing with the data, where
limits and datasource types are defined when you retrieve the data rather
than on input.

Using RRD for this purpose seems dangerous to me as there are so many
variables in creating a good solid RRD file, and permanently losing or
"corrupting" your data is always a concern. Not having a proper RRD design
can both cause incorrect traffic graphs as well as affect revenue.

We have had numerous traffic collecting/graphing systems in the past but
none of them have been optimal. Inheriting a flawed system is no fun. :)

RRDtool itself is great, it's incredibly powerful, but other projects
based on it (such as Cacti for example) simply aren't there yet and it's
frustrating me..

What do you use? What are your thoughts?

Flying Crocodile Inc, Unix Systems Administrator

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