[rrd-users] last_ds in graph?

Patrick Felt pfelt at feltonline.com
Wed Jul 12 09:47:20 MEST 2006

i googled for this and couldn't find anyone that's tried this, so i 
thought this would be a good place to ask :)

i understand the consolidation that rrd does when i do an rrdupdate.  it 
can accomplish this by remembering the last value and doing some 
subtraction.  this *last value* is stored in the last_ds as shown by 
rrdtool dump.  i'd like to throw that value on the graph in the via 
something like a gprint.  is this possible?  i've got my snmp server 
exporting an ever increasing value representing the number of logins 
since monitoring began.  rather than trying to do a sum across all the 
consolidated rates (yielding a number with decimal places) i'd just like 
to throw last_ds on there so that i can see the actual number of logins.

thanks for your help, and thanks to tobi, et. al. for an amazing piece 
of work!


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