[rrd-users] Re: Problems with Cisco switches

Eric Lennon Bowman ebowman at boboco.ie
Wed Jul 12 19:28:36 MEST 2006

hkclark at gmail.com wrote:
> On 7/12/06, John Oliver <joliver at john-oliver.net> wrote:
>> I have some Cisco 2970s I want to monitor.  I'm using a CentOS 4.3
>> machine with mrtg-2.10.15-1, rrdtool-1.0.49, and routers2-v2.16  I had
>> tried using rrdtool-1.2.13 but got some error, and Googling for the
>> error turned up several suggestions to "just use an older version", so I
>> did.
> When you say "I started moving ports into VLANs other than the
> default", are you changing the VLAN of the port you are polling over?
> I assume this probably isn't your issue, but thought I would mention
> it just in case.  IOW, if g0/1 is your "uplink port" to the rest of
> your network and the one carrying the SNMP traffic, you won't want to
> change the VLAN on that (in theory, if it's a trunk, you could change
> the VLAN and have it still work [depending on the configuration of the
> upstream switch], but that would be a recommended configuration). :-)
> But, if ports 2-24 are access ports connected to end-stations, you
> should be able to change the vlans on those all day without any issues
> re polling.  Also, you aren't changing the anything on the VLAN
> interface where the IP address is assigned, right?
> Again, those are just quick sanity check things & probably isn't the
> problem.  I think the 2970 supports the debug snmp command... that
> should be able to tell you if the SNMP gets are making it to the box,
> and if so, what the details of those messages is.  It might also be
> helpful is you are trying to track down a bug.

Another thing worth looking at:  if something works from a shell, but
not from cron, then you're probably not setting up the environment
correctly in your crontab.  An easy brute-force was to resolve this kind
of thing is to have cron run a script that sets up the environment, then
runs what you really wanted to run, instead of trying to figure out
cron's slightly obtuse way of handline environment variables.


Eric Lennon Bowman
BoboCo Ltd
ebowman at boboco.ie

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