[rrd-users] Re: aggregating data

MrPaul mrpaular at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 02:45:30 MEST 2006

On 7/17/06, William Yardley <rrd-users at veggiechinese.net> wrote:
> Sorry for not noticing that one. This message doesn't explain how to
> aggregate data from different files to a single line, however.
> For instance, let's say I'm graphing average and max power consumption
> (for 5 minute periods) from a bunch of power strips. How would I go
> about creating a graph with the sum of all power strips?

If using the RRD files that are created via MRTG then use as follows

Load up the rra files
DEF:rra1a=/usr/local/rrdtool/file1.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE \
DEF:rra1b=/usr/local/rrdtool/file1.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE \
DEF:rra2a=/usr/local/rrdtool/file2.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE \
DEF:rra2b=/usr/local/rrdtool/file2.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE \

Add them together in your case
CDEF:rra1s:rra1a,rra2a,+ \
CDEF:rra2s:rra2a,rra2a,+ \

Then print the CDEF values.

If you have a pretty nicely organized MRTG install it'll probably be
much easier to use routers2.cgi and the user defined graph.  I use
this to create a sum of 4,000+ interfaces (but it does take quite some
time to build).


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