[rrd-users] Re: Simple RRDtool graph

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Jul 27 20:49:55 MEST 2006

Guyon Morée wrote:

>I'm having trouble getting my head around RRDtool and all the
>examples/tutorials I find try to do something else that I'm trying to
>It's quite simple:
>i have a bunch of time:value data points like this:
>I want to put those in an RRD file, there could be some more
>datapoints added later but not much.
>In my graph i want to see a horizontal timeline from the first
>timestamp till the last and vertically i want to see my value plotted
>on the related timestamp.
>I dont want to see a value for the timepoints in between and i dont
>want any averaging.

Then RRD Tool is not for you. RRD is specifically 
designed to allow storage of values using 
consolidation to allow for efficient storage of 
data over long timescales but at reduced 
resolution. Somewhere in the docs it talks about 
how data is entered, and it specifically converts 
everything to fit the sampling periods defined 
for the database.

Eg, if you set the sample rate at 5 minutes, but 
one of your samples was late (at 6 minutes) then 
rrdtool would put 5/6ths of the value into the 
last sample bucket, and keep the other 1/6th for 
the next - or at least that's how I interpret it 
as working.

For what you want, you would be better off with 
one of the other graphing/plotting tools that are 
out there (but whose names don't come to mind as 
I haven't used any of them).


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